Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cell Phone

The technology object you use most and what else affects my life as it is the cell for this purpose is the one that I'm always in my pockets, through it I make a lot of homework, I use it to communicate, but in addition to agenda . With it, I do my activities and my daily activities program and those that emerge suddenly. Not only that, but I try to always have the best games for my journeys on the metro, business meetings and classes become more fun and spend so much faster. This element for me is the only one who has some characteristics of other large artifacts. The newest have the Internet, making them almost perfect. I had my firstv phone at 15 years and whenever I can I renew the item because it is indispensable in my life. It occupies about twenty times a day for various activities and certainly do not think there's a better invention.

Monday, May 18, 2009


The most used platform in the academic field is, this platform is a website created for the entire campus network of students from the University of Chile, where are all the subject courses semester and those who have ever attended. Among its features are that stores the information delivered from teachers and peers, there are the texts, materials and guidelines used in their respective teachers and classes, and it is a tool that I can use throughout my years student, my visits are daily. Income in the morning, afternoon and night, to be aware of all information provided by teachers and peers. I like the site and its features, it is the optimal way to demonstrate the globalization and the new wayof teaching where the world of the Internet is the key. Besides Internet tool became the most common method of delivering and application information and global figures indicate that at least80% of the world population had access to it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Los Aldeanos!!

"... no matter how hard the difficulty, do not forget that being alive is another chance to change your reality, whether in Havana or in Rome, they all just laugh in different language ..."

The music to me is not very attractive, I prefer other distractions and generally entertain myself in other activities, but certainly we must say that music today is the way in which many people through houtthe world evade their problems.
This art, for many is the peaceful form of protest and say things properly. That's why my favorite group of music are "Los Aldeanos", which comprise Aldo "El Aldeano" and Bian "The B ". I first heard it in 2004 and are my favorites because these young Cubans interned in his music the discontent of the society, the status quo and oppose the growth of Reggaeton. My favorite is "Ya nos cansamos” where through his poetry speak of his humble origins, and continue with the idea of the RAP (“Revolucion Afroamericana Popular”.) in a continent that has become a slave to the "Norte", into this reflected the view of many young and fatigue that you feel about being discriminated.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


"beauty is capable of
fascinating work,
Work to resurface ...” Norwid

Hello my name is Fabian am a nineteen year old girl
and second-year course in Public Administration
Universidad de Chile. I live in Santiago of Chile, and this
virtual platform to raise and seek to achieve different
objectives over time. Among them
the following:

1 .- To provide a better language skills
2 .- Using virtual platforms
3 .- Learn in an entertaining way.

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